Dressage.it interviews: Anette Fransen-Iacobaeus

di Liana Ayres

Anette Fransen-Iacobaeus was at Tryon, Rio, Budapest, Compiegne, Gotheborg… She has been a Fei judge since 2001 and she topped the 5* status in 2013. Appreciated for her masterclasses on Young Horses, also held in New Zealand, she is an all-round horsewoman, with over 40 years of experience in the saddle across the entire range of Olympic disciplines: jumping, eventing and, of course, dressage.

She lives on the south coast of Sweden. Where we reached her online to tell her story to our Dressage.it friends.

How and when did you meet horses? And where and why dressage?

«I met horses more “serious” when I started riding in a riding school at the age of 7. I have done almost everything with horses – such as Jumping (to 150-level), Eventing (M-level, 2*), Racing and always, among these disciplines, done Dressage (Int. GP-level). From 25 years of age, I went on with dressage only, because I hurt my knee (going skiing) and couldn´t jump anymore. And dressage was very interesting and I had a very good, suitable horse for it». 

Mr. Fransen-Iacobaeus, when did you become a dressage judge?

«I started to be a dressage judge 1993, international FEI-judge 2001. My judge career went very quick upwards, depending on my quite big experience in dressage/riding, and I became a national GP-Judge 1995». 

In your opinion how should be the relationship amongst judges and other stakeholders? (riders, Trainers, sponsor, media etc.)

«I definitely want a quite close connection and relation amongst other judges, riders, trainers etc. I have worked quite a lot for this to happen in Sweden». 

Do you have any worries when you are going to start judging a class?

«No, I don´t have any worries before starting to judge a class. I feel quite secure but, of course, everyone makes mistakes, only, they mustn´t be too many…».

Your hobbies?

«My hobbies have been horses, long walks with our dog, cooking and meeting friends (for dinner e.g.)».

Any suggestions to FEI regarding judges?

«I think, the Education System, which is continuously worked on and upgraded, is a very good tool for educate new and existing judges. In my own homeland, I always try to find and promote good judges on lower national levels, to step forward». 

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