Dressage.it interviews: Ulrike Nivelle

di Liana Ayres

Ulrike Nivelle does not come from a family with equestrian traditions.  Neither her father, her mother nor her brother had any proximity to the horse world. And yet… It all happened during a holiday in Italy when Ulrike was only 4 years old… At 9, Ulrike started riding ‘seriously’ in Düsseldorf and at 12, Schlingel, her first horse, arrived.

Ulrike Nivelle studied medicine and trained as a medical-technical assistant. Despite her professional commitment, however, her heart has always beaten for horses, equestrian sport and a passion for becoming a judge.

Where do you live?

«I met horses when I was very small. I was with my parents in Holliday and I told them, that I like to ride a Pony….. so, the horsevirus started…».

How and when did you meet horses? And where and why dressage?

«It is a long way in Germany to become the GP level. You have to start with low levels in Dressage and Jumping. I think it is nearly 25 Years ago».

What does dressage mean to you?

«Dressage means for me “harmony between horse and rider”. Light-footed, elegant and well gymnastized».

How did you career develop?

«My career was very fast. The German Federation send me quick after my GP exam to a FEI seminar to Italy. After two years my second exam as a 4*judge. In Belgium. After some experience years the appointment from the FEI to a 5*judge. That was fantastic…».

Do you have any worries when you are going to start judging a class?

«I have no worries when I have to judge, but maybe a bist nervous before a big show. I will always do my very best».

Your hobbies?

«My hobbies are my dog. In wintertime I love to sew some nice things…pillows, bags and everything is possible».

Any suggestions to FEI regarding judges?

«No suggestions for the FEI».

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